6 Startup Levels, Not Just Unicorns

Startup Levels

So far we only know a few levels of startup, the most commonly heard are unicorns and decacorn. But there’s another level of startup.

For information, startup is judged based on their valuation. This valuation figure is used as a reference to measure the company’s business potential.

Quoting mime.asia website, valuation is the economic value of a company. If a startup has a valuation of Rp 1 trillion then if anyone wants to acquire it must pay as much as Rp 1 trillion.

The more funding that startup companies get, the more valuation numbers will increase. High valuation value is considered to have a very good prospect and certainly can attract many investors.

Over the past decade, the startup business began to grow rapidly in Indonesia. Many business people who start to create their own startup companies, although quite a lot also do not succeed.

Startup level

The startup company turns out to have a different level or level judging from its valuation figures. Here are six startup valuation levels:


Startup that have a hectocorn level have a valuation value of 100 billion US dollars or equivalent to Rp 1,400 trillion. The hectocorn level is the highest valuation level of the company.

When viewed based on valuation, technology companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, and Cisco are at the hectocorn level.

Companies that are able to reach this level are usually only one to three new companies each year. Of course, only a world-level company could occupy this level.


Startup companies with decacorn level have a valuation of 10 billion US dollars or equivalent to Rp 140 trillion. Companies that have reached this level are Xiaomi, Uber, Airbnb, Dropbox, WeWork, to SpaceX.

Startup companies from Indonesia also exist that have reached the decacorn level, namely Gojek Indonesia. When the merger with Tokopedia became a GoTo company, the valuation was estimated at Rp 257 trillion.

However, if the startup company has reached the decacorn level it will be increasingly difficult to find new investors. Therefore, investors must have a large funding capacity.


The third highest valuation level is unicorn, with a valuation value of 1 billion equivalent to Rp 14.1 trillion. At this level there are still investors who dare to provide funding.

Examples of startup companies that have reached unicorn valuation levels are Traveloka and Bukalapak. Recently the Kopi Kenangan company joined the ranks of unicorn startups after getting an injection of Rp 1.3 trillion in funds.


Centaurus is the valuation level of a startup company that is worth 100 million US dollars or equivalent to Rp 1.40 trillion.

At this level, investors will start looking at startup companies that are at the centaurus level. The reason is, the company is considered to have good prospects to be able to grow.


Ponies or pony levels are termed for startup companies that have a valuation value of 10 million US dollars or around Rp 140 billion.

Startup at this level are working to grow. If the company is able to maintain and increase its valuation, then investors will be more interested in funding.


Cokroach aka cockroach is the lowest level of this startup is still small value because it has just stood and is struggling to start a business.

Therefore, startup at this level should not be underestimated because they are unyielding and actively build their business.

Companies at this level can attract investors to include their capital so that their valuations can grow. Typically, investors will be rewarded with convertible bonds or equity holdings.


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